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I am constantly thinking, reflecting, dreaming and reasoning. I’ve been in education for almost a decade, having taught in a variety of places; from an alternative class in the middle of the woods to a high achieving school in the urban centre.

In my current role, I provide problem-solving support to staff at 21 schools when they’ve identified a class or student with challenging behaviour.  My pedagogical values and practices are non-adversarial and include CPS (Collaborative and Proactive Solutions), inquiry-based learning, self-regulation, positive school climate and the intentional building of trusting student/staff relationships.

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One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve arrived at your blog this afternoon and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your insight into bullying and CPS. I will continue reading this evening, when I get home from AM Cunningham where I’m currently teaching.

    Quick unsolicited rundown: Been teaching for 11 years, 6 years with TDSB, others in alternative settings, moved to Hamilton last year, taught a few LTOs in special ed setting last year and was placed in 4/5 FI at AMC this school year.

    I’m interested in getting back into the spec. ed. family. If you had a moment to chat over the phone or correspond by email, I would relish an opportunity to talk to you about your experiences in education.

    Cheers Andrew, Appreciatively,

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