Be Like Tom. Tom’s Awesome.

You’ve met this person. You might even be this person. You’re at a party and you see an acquaintance of yours. Let’s call him Tom. Upon greeting Tom, he seems to remember a heap of little details about you and the last things you talked with him about, perhaps at another party months beforehand. Tom […]

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  This year I’ve spent a lot of time reading and wondering about CPS.  CPS, which goes by either Collaborative Problem Solving or Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (depending on which side of the lawsuit you happen to find yourself) is an approach for working with kids developed by Ross Greene, explained in the books The Explosive […]

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Starting Off

And so it begins.  One year ago I was encouraged to start a blog to document my progress toward an inquiry-based and self-directed classroom.  Barely dabbling in Twitter, I just wasn’t ready. One year later, things have changed and I can no longer limit my online contributions to 140 characters. It is said that “for everything, there is a […]

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